[Mimedefang] Multiplexor stats

Tony Nugent tony at linuxworks.com.au
Sat Jan 5 06:52:43 EST 2002

On Fri Jan 04 2002 at 10:22, "Mark Roedel" wrote:

> box...definitely a good thing in an academic environment like ours.

I'm using defang in several environments for virus filtering, one
being an ISP.  In two months it has managed to reduce the number of
infected clients from several dozen to now just one, and over that
time all new infections have NOT involved the lastest new viruses.
It is VERY effective.  Once things settle down after the mad season,
I'm keen to have a good look at SpamAssassin.

> I don't know how hard it would be to do, but it'd be nice to have some
> sort of way to get a quick summary of stats from the multiplexor,
> similar to the stats handler that apache has.  Things that I'd find
> interesting would include stuff like:
> 	highest number of slave threads that have run
> 	number of messages rejected because max threads was reached
> 	for currently running slave threads:
> 		number of messages processed
> 		current status (busy/idle)
> 		how long in current status
> Is this sort of thing a possibility?

Sure.  All it would involved is some sort of perl script running as
a cron job that parses the log files to extract this information,
similar to how (for example) the "logwatch" utility works.

I'm more interested in parsing the degang notification messages to
get the information put into a database, then have a cron job do
queries on it to get regular activity summaries (in my case, of
virus activity).  I'm working on this at the moment (it's taking
more time than I expected as this is a much more complex task that I
had originally expected).  When I finally get this working I'll give
it away as a contribution to mimedefang.

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