[Mimedefang] Virus or Corrupt?

Steve Ladendorf sladendorf at blakeschool.org
Mon Jan 7 16:18:16 EST 2002

Has anyone else that is using the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Pro Toolkit ever
found a solution to attachments that are reported as Corrupt being
filtered from emails?  Every once in a while the virus detection program
reports an attachment as corrupt but MIMEDefang still strips the
attachment and reports it as containing a virus.  I assume this is due to
the result code being sent back to MIMEDefang is either "1" or "0" and
there is no difference between corrupt or infected.  I am also assuming
that Kaspersky has a problem with filenames that contain a space as every
file ever reported as corrupt seem to contain a space in their file name..
 Any ideas??

Here are the warning details:

The attachment Spox Aff.doc contains a known virus.  It has been
Here is the output from the virus scanner:

|  AntiViral Toolkit Pro by Eugene Kaspersky for Linux  |
|         Copyright(C) Kaspersky Lab. 1998-2001         |
|                 Version 3.0  build 135.3              |
|                                                       |

Work/msg-1774-2.doc corrupted.
Scan process completed.

         Sector Objects :      0              Known viruses :      0
                  Files :      1               Virus bodies :      0
                Folders :      0                Disinfected :      0
               Archives :      0                    Deleted :      0
                 Packed :      0                   Warnings :      0
                                                 Suspicious :      0
         Speed (Kb/sec) :     22                  Corrupted :      1
              Scan time :  00:00:01              I/O Errors :      0

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