[Mimedefang] Deleting original recipient due to Spam

Nicholas W. Clair NClair at osufederal.com
Tue Jan 15 13:08:51 EST 2002

I am trying to setup SpamAssassin with MIMEDefang and think I have
simple question.

  I have everything installed and configured SpamAssassin fine.  I am
trying to have all email that is considered Spam from SpamAssassin sent
to me to review and not sent to the original recipient. This why I'm
testing and going over the SpamAssassin rules to make them fit our

  In the filter_begin I have it running spam_assassin_is_spam() and
adding X-Spam-Warning header. I also have it adding me as a recipient.
The last part would be to delete the original recipient(s).  I noticed
the delete_recipient() subroutine, is there a way using this to delete
the recipient(s).

This is what I have in the filter_begin:

sub filer_begin {

	if (spam_assassin_is_spam()) {
		action_add_header("X-Spam-Warning", "SpamAssassin says
this message 			is SPAM");


thanks for any help.


Nic Clair
Network Security Administrator
OSU Federal Credit Union
nclair at osufederal.com

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