[Mimedefang] syslogging unneccessary stuff

jmiller at purifieddata.net jmiller at purifieddata.net
Wed Oct 2 13:27:01 EDT 2002

I'd like to make mimedefang more quiet with it's logging, and I haven't
been able to get it to do that.

It's currently logging all the add and change header actions
(action_add_header) as:
Oct  2 01:27:34 filter sendmail[29047]: g925RXhB029047: Milter add: header: Subject: {SPAM?}

I'm using one of the standard startup scripts that ship with mimedefang,
and have the following options set:

I looked through the filter, and mimedefang.pl and couldn't find anything
that was adding logging in from them (I'm using a custom filter, and
outputting my own log entries). The extra log entries aren't hurting a
whole lot, it's just stuff I don't need that's only causing more work for
the filter (we're pushing 50-60k messages through a day and doing spam and
virus filtering, so every bit counts).

I thought those startup options would stop it from spitting out syslog
entries, but it didn't (and I have restarted it all the way).
Anyone know how I can disable this activity?
Josh I.

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