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Young, Gil Gil_Young at CRC.com
Thu Oct 10 20:19:01 EDT 2002

Not sure of all your particulars/budget/politics and i'm sure you already
know this, but why not go with 2X36 gig SCSI-RAID-0 for the drives?  It will
give you much better performance than a single IDE drive, especially with so
many read/writes like it looks like you will be doing, or if you dont need
72 gig of space, just mirror the two 36'ers for redundancy.

Sweet machine, BTW.  A few engineers at my work place went from Dual P-III
933's with IDE to dual P4 XEON-2.0's with U160 SCSI-RAID and it was night
and day.  A moderate inhouse number crunching app on the old system took 96
seconds to run, on the new system it ran in somewhere between 6 and 7

Best wishes,

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Actually I do more than a million but didn't want to glorify anything.

This is currently on a Dual PIII-866 machine with 1 gig of ram and Ultra DMA
ide drives. I currently run sendmail 8.11.6 with AVP and a sendmail direct
patch (http://home.i.cz/reho//check_virus/) for virus scanning. I stop some
25,000+ viruses a day. I am not doing the spam checking on this machine but
on another mail server. I'll explain my configuration.

I have a mailgateway machine that just does relaying of incoming and
outgoing email for virus checking. This is the dual PIII with sendmail
8.11.6. Then I have 2 qmail machines which handle my dialup/dsl customers
email, roughly 10,000 users and another machine which handles 1000+ virtual
domain emails. All machines are the same speed. We then filter spam on those
machines for now. However we are moving the spam filtering to our new

New machine configuration is as follows:

Dual Athlon MP 1800+
1.5 gig ram
80 gig Western Digital Ultra 100 drive with 8mb cache (wd800jb).
sendmail 8.12.6

Will be using the avpdaemon and using our own spam filtering. We actually
helped the author of spamassassin initially and then moved on to our own
filtering because of some things we didn't agree on.

I tried testing with the kavkeeper which is the AVP sendmail program and man
did it die. It couldn't handle the amount of incoming email. So I am hoping
mimedefang can. Atleast you use a daemon to where the kavkeeper looks to be
just the kavscanner so it launches a 700k program for every email.

Give me a few days. I'll let you know how it runs.

Brad Dameron
Network Account Executive
TSCNet Inc.
Silverdale, WA.

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> On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Brad Dameron wrote:
> > I'll get some statistics on performance for you. I currently do about a
> > million messages a day through my smtp server and am just now
> converting to
> > the mimedefang. Will have it in full effect in a day or so and
> will let you
> > know how it perform's.
> Woah... what kind of machine is it?  A million messages/day is a lot.
> If you're running SpamAssassin, I think you will have load problems.
> I know of two other organizations with this level of mail (1 - 1.5
> million/day) and they both use a handful of load-balanced servers.
> --
> David.
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