[Mimedefang] Failed looping spam

Tom Horan thos at esat.com
Fri Oct 11 09:08:01 EDT 2002

I currently do not run MIMEDefang on my mail system, but am currently
testing it, and I'm wondering if it could help me resolve the problems I am
currently having.

I have 2 linux/sendmail boxes in front of an Exchange server. I usually see
about 12/15k msgs per day. 

What I am seeing is a build-up of about 1000 messages on my outgoing
sendmail box of failed spam.

Spam comes in to joejoe at mycompany.com, and gets forward on to Exchange,
exchange says joejoe doesnt exist, so replies to sender to say mailbox does
not exist. Exchange then forwards on to my outgoing sendmail box where it
tries to send the mail. However, replying to the original spam address
fails, and usually takes 4days to actually fail properly and get out of the
q, and so sendmail generates a failure report and sends the reply back to

I'm looking at using MIMEdefang with SpamAssassin, but would just be tagging
the email with a Spam-Score or altering the subject, it would not be
possible for me to just drop spam mail when it hits my incoming sendmail
box. So the mail is going to hit Exchange regardless. I dont like Exchange
and so doing anything with a failed mail here probably wouldnt be an option
(however, I'm open to suggestion).

So, what I'm really asking is -
Is there anyway to detect a failed mail as spam and hence drop on my
outgoing sendmail box ?

Not sure if I made any sense here, but I'd appreciate any help


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