[Mimedefang] Failed looping spam

Dave Shepherd Dave.Shepherd at vixel.com
Fri Oct 11 12:46:01 EDT 2002


Here is a nice little write up on how to setup Sendmail to use LDAP. It
works nicely
for me, But I use iPlanet Directory.



Tom Horan wrote:
> I currently do not run MIMEDefang on my mail system, but am currently
> testing it, and I'm wondering if it could help me resolve the problems I am
> currently having.
> I have 2 linux/sendmail boxes in front of an Exchange server. I usually see
> about 12/15k msgs per day.
> What I am seeing is a build-up of about 1000 messages on my outgoing
> sendmail box of failed spam.
> Spam comes in to joejoe at mycompany.com, and gets forward on to Exchange,
> exchange says joejoe doesnt exist, so replies to sender to say mailbox does
> not exist. Exchange then forwards on to my outgoing sendmail box where it
> tries to send the mail. However, replying to the original spam address
> fails, and usually takes 4days to actually fail properly and get out of the
> q, and so sendmail generates a failure report and sends the reply back to
> exchange.
> I'm looking at using MIMEdefang with SpamAssassin, but would just be tagging
> the email with a Spam-Score or altering the subject, it would not be
> possible for me to just drop spam mail when it hits my incoming sendmail
> box. So the mail is going to hit Exchange regardless. I dont like Exchange
> and so doing anything with a failed mail here probably wouldnt be an option
> (however, I'm open to suggestion).
> So, what I'm really asking is -
> Is there anyway to detect a failed mail as spam and hence drop on my
> outgoing sendmail box ?
> Not sure if I made any sense here, but I'd appreciate any help
> Thanks,
> Tom
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