[Mimedefang] Sys::Syslog pretty broken on Solaris (PATCH)

David T Hollis dhollis at davehollis.com
Mon Oct 14 10:49:00 EDT 2002

Brian Landers wrote:

>The Sys::Syslog module breaks rather badly on Solaris in a 
>couple of cases:
>1) there's no support for the setlogsock('unix') used in 
>MIMEDefang.  Solaris has no unix socket for syslog at all.
>2) if you run syslogd with the -t flag, to make it not listen
>on its udp socket (pretty standard on secure boxes), then the
>Sys::Syslog module won't log anything!  It won't error, but it
>won't log, either.
>One solution is to use the Unix::Syslog CPAN module, which wraps
>the OS's native C syslog calls to log directly to syslog.  This
>works great for me on my secured Solaris boxes.
>I've got a partial patch to convert MIMEDefang to use Unix::Syslog
>instead of Sys::Syslog, but it should probably be a compile-time
>option.  The two API's are *mostly* compatible, with some little
>niggling differences.  Would probably be best to refactor out the
>logging code into a method or two, instead of calling the module
To make syslogging work on my Solaris systems, I had to change the 
setlogsock to 'inet', but as you pointed out if you have syslog running 
with -t to disable the udp socket, your SOL.

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