[Mimedefang] Which AV package are most people using with MimeDefang?

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Wed Oct 23 10:33:01 EDT 2002

When I inquired previously (search the archives on my email address) the
two most highly recommended was Sophos and NOD32, NOD32 taking top seat.
If you can strike a deal with those folks, you might be able to roll you
campus AV solution in with your email AV solution.  ie you buy x-thousand
licenses for Sophos to cover your campus, giving you an email AV solution,
and you get them to allow you to also run the desktop version too.  I
don't know if they'd go for it but if you're buying say 20,000 licenses,
they might do it.  They still get a large amount of business and they make
a customer happy.

My $.02


PS==> I'm trying RAV because it's cheap and cheap is good around here.  I
still hate their oddball directory structure and I wouldn't dream of
letting their (or anyone else's) AV client directly tie into my MTA like
that want you to.

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 Steven_Ellison at brlhardy.com.au wrote:

> I have been trialing Sophos AV for a little while now which works well 
> however,
>  they are telling me that they want to charge me for the number of users 
> on our 
> network.  This mentality stinks, as I said, if I buy a car tyre for a ford 
> and the same
> tyre fits a Ferrari does the price change for the Ferrari..  They didn't 
> like that
> so I told them to stick it.
> Any advise on a different supported product ?
>         Thanks in advance,
>                         Steven Ellison
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