[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.24-BETA-2 is available. Please try it!

Stephane Lentz Stephane.Lentz at ansf.alcatel.fr
Thu Oct 24 17:24:00 EDT 2002

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 02:02:40PM -0400, David F. Skoll wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Stephane Lentz wrote:
> > shouldn't it be mimedefang-2.24-BETA-3 ?
> Rats!  My apologies; I made a mistake when I built the archive, and I
> just renamed the tar file.
> So 2.24-B2 unpacks as 2.24-B3.  The next one will be either 2.24-FINAL
> or 2.24-B4.  Sorry about that.
=> No problem. I guess you're missing some sleep or worse ... some
coffee :-)

The RPM builds correctly on Mandrake 9.0 though the rpm -tb gives
3 small warnings :

chown: failed to get attributes of `/var/tmp/mimedefang-root/etc/mail/mimedefang-ip-key': No such file or directory

=> there should be a test before performing the chown : 
  chown "$(DEFANGUSER)" $(RPM_INSTALL_ROOT)${CONFDIR}/mimedefang-ip-key
I mean for instance :
-test -f "$(RPM_INSTALL_ROOT)${CONFDIR}/mimedefang-ip-key" && chown "$(DEFANGUSER)" $(RPM_INSTALL_ROOT)${CONFDIR}/mimedefang-ip-key

=> Same thing for chmoding mimedefang-ip-key :

-test -f  "$(RPM_INSTALL_ROOT)${CONFDIR}/mimedefang-ip-key" && chmod 600 $(RPM_INSTALL_ROOT)${CONFDIR}/mimedefang-ip-key

The last warnings were :
test ! -d /var/tmp/mimedefang-root/var/spool/MIMEDefang && mkdir -p /var/tmp/mimedefang-root/var/spool/MIMEDefang && chmod 700 /var/tmp/mimedefang-root/var/spool/MIMEDefang
make: [install] Error 1 (ignored)
test ! -d /var/tmp/mimedefang-root/var/spool/MD-Quarantine && mkdir -p /var/tmp/mimedefang-root/var/spool/MD-Quarantine && chmod 700 /var/tmp/mimedefang-root/var/spool/MD-Quarantine
make: [install] Error 1 (ignored)

Strange one.

watch-mimedefang is really some nice add-on.
Anybody expert in Tk ? Porting from Tcl/Tk to Perl/Tk this 
program should be easy provided one knows Tk.


Stephane Lentz / Alcanet International - Internet Services

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