[Mimedefang] clamd is not responding?

Jason Englander jason at englanders.cc
Tue Oct 29 13:22:01 EST 2002

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Douglas J Hunley wrote:

> ok, but I had created subdirs under /var/run and it could write to the correct
> place.

Equally fine.  So is /blah/foo/mimedefang-pid-files as long as user defang
can read and write to it.

> OK. I guess we just see this differently. I see it that if they exploit *any*
> part of the mail process, they might as well own any other part of the mail
> process..., but that's just me.

I can't believe you just posted that in public.  That's a call for
script kiddies to try to exploit your _entire_ mail process ;-)
...but I'm a totally paranoid ISP SysAdmin, so maybe that's just me.

> seems to have been. I had to go to 200 threads to get it to quit bitching

200???  Wow.  I still haven't tried it on a high volume setup, but I
probably will with version 0.52 - which BTW supposedly fixes the directory
recursion problem I posted about.


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