[Mimedefang] Graphing Stats

Hamilton, Kent KHamilton at Hunter.COM
Thu Oct 31 15:40:01 EST 2002

I think I may have re-invented the wheel but for those interested....


The scripts (PERL) are available if anyone wants 'em but WILL require
modification to work for your site (and are some UGLY perl).  Drop me a note
if you want to see 'em.  These were written prior to 2.24 so they grope
through the sendmail log doing pattern matching.  You'll need to add a line
to your mimedefang-filter or change the scripts to use the 2.24 mdlog line
in order to get the virus counts.

Requires MySQL, perl5.x GD::Graph GD::Graph3d, DBI Date::Calc

Kent Hamilton KHamilton at Hunter.COM
Manager - Systems & Networking
Hunter Engineering Company

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