[Mimedefang] Soliciting opinions on filtering based on bad MX records

Michael Sims michaels at crye-leike.com
Thu Sep 11 18:56:00 EDT 2003

mimedefang-admin at lists.roaringpenguin.com wrote:
> Actually, right now, Ameritech in all their stupid wisdom, block
> emails from domains that have multiple MX records of which one points
> to loopback (like mine).

I'm failing to see how this is stupid.  If you'll read what I wrote, it's
exactly what I'm planning to do...

> It's a method of getting back at spammers...
> spammers try to mail my server which rejects them, so they figure
> they'll try my next MX record which points back to them. Hehehe. Fun.

In my experience, domains that have an MX record that points to loopback
usually are direct spam sources, or they don't want to receive ANY mail.
See my reply to Kenneth Porter's post for my reasoning.  Pointing one of
your own MX's to loopback might be fun, but it could cause you to lose
legitimate mail, IMHO...

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