[Mimedefang] Latest Worms and IE Exploits

Stephane Lentz Stephane.Lentz at ansf.alcatel.fr
Fri Sep 19 13:29:01 EDT 2003

On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 09:01:07AM -0700, Jeff Grossman wrote:
> I have been getting hit hard with the IE Exploit and the worm.gibe.f virus.
> Is anybody else getting hit hard last night and this morning with these?
> Jeff
> -- 

It generated some "over-quota" on my personal Yahoo mailbox. 
It seems to be spreading fast but not as big as SOBIG.F ...
BTW this worm is called SVEN (WORM_SWEN.A or w32.swen.a at mm)
by some virus vendors :


Update your list of viruses (regex) that fake sender addresses : like 
SOBIG, NIMDA, KLEZ don't send sender notifications for infected messages 
by this new worm. 

Stephane Lentz 
Alcanet International, Internet Services

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