[Mimedefang] Interesting anti-HTML filter side-effect

Стас Уколов stas at ekb.ru
Mon Sep 22 12:13:01 EDT 2003


GRS> All life is a set of choices. You do what you have to do. I for one
GRS> think that creating a 30k message to send 1k of information is a crime
GRS> and I won;t deal with criminals. 
First, I agree with you that 99% of HTML usage in mail is nothing but
stupidity. But it's not a crime!

What is a crime is defined not by your (or my) criteria, it is about
common practice... So, sending html-emails is stupid, but since
everybody (ok, 90%) do that it is _normal_ practice. Unfortunately. And -
notice! - blocking html-emails _is_ a crime...

And there is nothing here about MS or Linux. It's about human


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