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Cormack, Ken kcormack at acs.roadway.com
Thu Sep 25 14:05:01 EDT 2003

The bottom portion that John refers to, is the output of a perl script
called "sendmail_stats.pl", by Jeremy C. Reed, that I call from my own
script.  It's available online at

I've attached to this message, my tally script.  I wont expect that it will
run "as is" on anyone's system but mine, without first tweaking as
appropriate, for your system.

It's unbelievably ugly, and it's slow, but it gives us a good idea on a
daily basis, as to how well we are doing in our efforts to block spam.

It is due to the numbers from this report that we were able to justify funds
to upgrade the memory and CPU in this system, as well as to purchase a
similarly configured partner server / secondary MX host / Spill-over host
that is being spec'd and quoted as I write this.

My script uses the output of mailstats, hoststat, mailq, and sar, to
calculate some of it's numbers.  Everything else (outside of the
sendmail_stats.pl script at the end), is basically just grepped from the
maillog file.

Feel free to pick this thing apart.  Keep the stuff that works for you, fix
or discard whatever is broken.


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The bottom portion of Ken's report looks like some custom script which
does some regex matching across the maillog. I do something similar.
However, the top portion is actually just the output of sendmail's
'mailstats' command.

To do reporting, you need to report the data. In my case, I use
md_syslog to write out Spam and Virus data to maillog. Everytime I
process a piece of email, I write to the log whether or not it was spam,
along with the message_id and score. Then you can just use grep to count

If($hits > $req){
md_syslog("debug","Spam Score=$hits, Relay=$RelayAddr, Msg ID=$MsgID");
} else {
md_syslog("debug","NonSpam Score=$hits, Relay=$RelayAddr, Msg


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On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Cormack, Ken wrote:

> Joe,
> Below, I'm posting some portions of a report that I generate daily,
from my
> gateway system.  The box is a Compaq DL380 with 512MB RAM, and a
> 900MHz PIII.  The system uses 3 9GB drives with hardware RAID5 driven
> the onboard Compaq RAID controller.


That is an awesome report.  Would you mind sharing the script used to 
generate the report? :)

Ray DeJean  				       	 http://www.r-a-y.org
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