[Mimedefang] OS wars... [was Viruses: Bounce or Discard?]

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 29 16:23:00 EDT 2003

>From: "David F. Skoll" <dfs at roaringpenguin.com>
>This would p*ss off ISP's, which would cause them to get tough with
>users who propagate viruses.  I believe that ISP's should write into
>their terms of service that users will be liable for 10 cents for each
>and every virus transmission from their machine.  This isn't
>censorship; it's merely charging different rates for different
>"classes" of e-mail.  It also pushes the true cost of viruses onto
>those responsible (people who run M$ software in spite of warnings
>from the likes of Dan Geer and Bruce Schneier.)

Normally I let things like this slide, however in this case...

I use Microsoft for both my desktop and my email package.  I do so because 
this combination supports the functionality I want/need.  It means I can 
keep the address books in my computer, mobile phone and PDA all consistent.  
It means that my diary, in all 3, also agrees.  It means that if I make a 
"to-do" note on one it appears in the others.  Basically, it makes my life a 
*LOT* easier (both personal and professional).

Now, I can do some of this with non-Microsoft software - there is software 
to integrate Palm handhelds and non-Microsoft software (with varying degrees 
of success).  However there is not a thing for doing the same for my mobile. 
  Should I move away from Microsoft, simply because it's a popular target 
for the authors of malicious code?  Not a chance.  Once other software 
supports the same level of integration I'll be interested, until then it's a 
pipe dream - and I know plenty of others in the same situation.

The answer isn't to claim people are responsible for viruses simply by 
running Microsoft software.  The answer is in providing alternatives that 
are not simply as good, but better.  Give people a positive reason for 
moving to other software and they will - I just have to look at the number 
of people I know moving from other software to OpenOffice to see this in 
action.  Tell people they're evil for running Microsoft software and they 
write you off as yet another Linux/BSD/whatever "nut" and stop listening.

Oh, if anybody wants to email me telling me how wrong I am - either keep it 
on the list or don't bother.  I already know far to many people who believe 
there is only one "true" OS as it is...

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