[Mimedefang] email forwarding and subject line capture...

john at essenz.com john at essenz.com
Thu Jul 1 11:04:02 EDT 2004

There are two things I have wanted to do in MIMEDefang but have never got 
around to doing. 

The first one is to capture the subject line (first 25 chars) of emails 
that get tagged as spam - will write it out with md_syslog.  I tried this 
before and sort of got it to work, I was only able to capture the subject 
of "some" emails, other came in blank even though there was a known 

The second is a little more complicated. When email is tagged as spam, I 
still want to do an action_bounce, but I also want to deliver an untouched 
copy of the email to another address exempt from spam filter. So I would 
have an email account with all spam that I can access in guess one of my 
users flips out and claims they have to get a certain message. I would 
then just scrub this email account every couple of days. 

Any thoughts?

-john von essen

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