[Mimedefang] Can't get surbl to work inside MD but works fine in spamassassin -D

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at aptalaska.net
Thu Jul 1 12:20:26 EDT 2004

Ole Craig wrote:
> 	Urk. Sorry, that's a local permutation, which I've used for so
> long it's second nature. The one you want is $SALocalTestsOnly, which
> if set to 1 will *disable* network tests. Set it to 0 (before
> calling spam_assassin_init()->compile_now(1), if you have that set in
> filter_initialize) and you should be OK.


I put the following into my rule:

if ($Features{"SpamAssassin"}) {
     $SALocalTestsOnly = 0;
     spam_assassin_init()->compile_now(1) if 

And I still don't get any network tests nor to I get any bayes filters, 
so I think there is something more wrong here.  Any other ideas before I 
start digging into the code?


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