[Mimedefang] Outbound messages are blocked

Richard Whelan richard.whelan at pipex.net
Wed Jul 7 16:13:29 EDT 2004


I have also been trying to find an appropriate way to not scan outbound 

Following the details listed in the below URL, and trying to then send 
mail through my server, I'm finding that the mails are still being 
tested my MD. If I add the mail_relay section instead, and enable the 
MX_RELAY, it works fine.

Ideally it would be better to get the trusted_networks statement to be 
used, as this obviously means the mail MD will not need modifying often.

So far I have tried the statement in sa-mimedefang.cf (in 
/etc/mail/spamassassin) and local.cf, also in the /etc/mail/spamassassin 
directory as well as the standard global location. It seems to be 
totally ignored. I'm also having problems with the whitelist statements.

Any ideas as why these may not be being picked up ?

I'm using MD 2.43/ SA 2.63/ Sendmail 8.12.11



>>From: Vivek Kumar [mailto:vivekk at gorave.net]
>>Thanks for you mail.. Well all outbound mails are originated 
>>from one IP
>>address segment (191.x.x.x) we don't have remote users now.
>Another option is to let MimeDefang run as normal on outgoing mail, but to
>tell your spam-tagging software that all mail from 191.x.x.x is good.  If
>you're using SpamAssassin, here's how to do that:
>look for trusted_networks
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