[Mimedefang] Validating sender domain opinion

Jeff Grossman jeff at stikman.com
Mon Jul 12 08:55:26 EDT 2004

on 7/12/04 7:04 AM, Ben Kamen at bkamen at benjammin.net wrote:

> 2 config files - run bind 2 times binding the service to each interface.
> (that's 
> the important part - MUST have 2 ethernet interfaces)
> Also - MS DNS is very evil. VERY evil. I would highly advise against running
> it.

Actually, BIND 9.x has a feature called Views.  You can run one instance of
Bind, and depending on the IP address asking for the query, it can give
different results.  I am using it behind a router at my house and at work
with no problems at all.  It is a great feature.


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