[Mimedefang] Upgrade to 2.44 questions

Shawn Gendle sgendle at cba.ua.edu
Thu Jul 22 15:05:31 EDT 2004

Hi all,
I just upgraded to 2.44 and as per the Changelog went into my 
mimedefang-filter and commented out
 the calls to "entity_contains_virus" and "message_contains_virus," 
except for the following call that also
 exists in the mimedefang-filter-example:

sub filter_begin ()
    # Scan for viruses if any virus-scanners are installed
    my($code, $category, $action) = message_contains_virus();
    $FoundVirus = ($category eq "virus");

Should this line be commented out as well?

Also I have the following code in my mimedefang-filter:

sub filter ($$$$)
    # Virus scan
    if ($FoundVirus) {
        my($code, $category, $action);
        $VirusScannerMessages = "";
#   Commented out per changelog during install of 2.44
#   This breaks graphdefang - need to fix
#       ($code, $category, $action) = entity_contains_virus($entity);
        if ($category eq "virus") {
            md_graphdefang_log('virus',$VirusName, $RelayAddr);
            return action_discard();

How do I now provide graphdefang the needed info to chart viruses now 
that "entity_contains_virus"
is now called in the mimedefang.pl? Can this be done in mimedefang-filter?

Thanks kindly,

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