[Mimedefang] Reversing the process

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Fri Jul 23 08:33:04 EDT 2004

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

>    Not that I really want to do this, but I have a mail server right now 
> on which I want to remove MIMEDefang all together, and just leave 
> sendmail running.  The folks on that machine actually WANT all their 
> spam and viruses, so...who the hell am I to tell them no.  So, how do I 
> go about reversing the install, and remove MD (which has SA also tied 
> into it)?


   It seems like you could just remove any reference to mimedefang in 
the milter definition section of your sendmail.mc and rebuild your 
sendmail.cf file and you should be golden.


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