[Mimedefang] Gods, how I love MD

Ole Craig olc at cs.umass.edu
Fri Jul 23 13:06:45 EDT 2004

	Mimedefang has made me lazy.

	We've been setting up a prototype MD+SA+Clamav "smtp firewall"
with the idea that it'll handle all inbound mail for machines on our
network before sending it on to the appropriate mailhub. As part of
this effort I sat down to write a generic sendmail.mc that we could
apply on hosts "behind" it, such that they wouldn't accept mail unless
it was relayed from the firewall or came from a user authenticated by
POP/IMAP or STARTTLS/PLAIN. Working with sendmail rulesets was
something I used to do every other day with nary a shiver; now, I have
to grit my teeth and ignore the little voices that say "this would be
so much easier to code into mimedefang!" as little beads of sweat
break out on my forehead... I feel like I'm cutting the lawn with
handclippers again, after using a riding mower.

	Thanks again, David. That's one helluva nice tool you've

	(In case anyone's wondering "why DON'T you use MD
everywhere?": we want to have a couple of central mailhandlers where
we can concentrate the recurring attention mandated by the
spam-control arms-race, but we have many research groups that want to
receive mail on their own hubs, and we'd prefer that those hubs
require as little personalized admin as possible.)

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