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If you have tape drive,
(used DAT tape drives are getting cheap)
look at www.storix.com
The personal edition is free to use, and you can create
a bootable ISO that will start the restore from tape if
you need to do a complete restore.

Bill Curtis
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> Amanda might be worth looking into...
> But the best was is to connect a local mega-tape or somethng and tar or
>   -Ben
> WBrown at e1b.org wrote:
> > I am about to upgrade my mail filters and I would like a quick way to
> > revert back to the previous environement.  For regular backups, we use
> > Tivoli Storage Manager, but it is a pain in the butt for recovery of
> > than a few files or directories.  For bare metal recovery it's terrible!
> >
> > I was looking into using Symantec's Ghost, but it does not support
> > with RAID, either hardware or software.  I have also looked at Portlock
> > Storage Manager, but their Linux Boot CD does not support the Broadcom
> > gigabit NICs I have.
> >
> > Is there anything else I should look at?  What are you folks using to
> > prepare for bare metal recovery or quick recovery of an upgrade gone
> > wrong?
> >
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