[Mimedefang] [Fwd: Re: Bayes.pm: oops! still tied to Bayes DBs, untie'ing]

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Fri Jul 30 12:23:57 EDT 2004

I think I got over this problem by doing bayes learn to journal.

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Subject: Re: Bayes.pm: oops! still tied to Bayes DBs, untie'ing
From:    "Ryan Thompson" <ryan at sasknow.com>
Date:    Fri, July 30, 2004 12:36 am
To:      spamassassin-users at incubator.apache.org

I believe I've fixed this now.

For a better description, and my proposed fix:

- Ryan

Ryan Thompson wrote to spamassassin-users at incubator.apache.org:

> Hi all,
> Since moving to MIMEDefang, I'm getting "oops! still tied to Bayes DBs,
untie'ing" quite frequently (a few hundred times a day or so). It occurs
fairly predictably when MIMEDefang is restarted, but also occurs during
normal use.
> I did look at the relevant code in Bayes.pm (3.0.0-pre2), and it seems
like this isn't a critical problem, but are there any solutions to
eliminate the problem (and the log spam)? If this really isn't a big
deal, I might be inclined to just comment out the warning. :-)
> Thanks,
> - Ryan

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