[Mimedefang] SIG11's with Mimedefang 2.48

Martin Blapp mb at imp.ch
Tue Nov 2 12:19:52 EST 2004


> It looks like the scan directory is being overwritten by
> "MIMEDefang 2.48 on", which makes no sense whatsoever..
> Could it be a FreeBSD-specific issue?  A bug in pthreads?

Argl. After I analyzed a coredump I found it to be a double free(),
caused by a local patch. Sorry for the noise.

I just found that I still used the SMALLBUF local patch and
haven't adapted it to the new version. You know, without this patch
I still get coredumps on FreeBSD on some specific mails because the
stack limit gets hit.

It would be a good thing to add the (now fixed patch) to the mainstream
so I don't have to mess around with it each time you update mimedefang.

And of course, Mimedefang on FreeBSD is only half usable because some
mails can't be proceeded at all (if long headers are added for example).

> The code that generates "MIMEDefang 2.48 on" is around
> line 1431 of mimedefang.c, and I see no way that it can overwrite
> data->dir (which is what appears to be happening.)
> Anyone else seeing this?

Sorry for the noise and thank you for pointing to the place in mimedefang.c


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