[Mimedefang] Frustration...

Jeff Rife mimedefang at nabs.net
Thu Nov 4 22:10:02 EST 2004

On 4 Nov 2004 at 17:33, Kris Deugau wrote:

> Jeff Rife wrote:
> > We're not an ISP, but I have found that dropping anything that scores
> > higher than 10 (using the standard SA 2.63 rulesets) gives us zero
> > false positives, and *nothing* that anybody could possibly want.
> Don't count on it.  I've seen far too many legit "mail me info about
> your website"-type messages get scores at 12-15+.

I haven't seen any truly legitimate ones get those scores, although 
ones that come from "legitimate spammers" (i.e., where they are 
spamming for legal things) do.  Since all of these sorts are from 
harvesting or sold-without-consent lists, I don't think anybody is 
inconvenienced by it.

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