[Mimedefang] config for big servers

Charles Mount cmount at csc.com
Mon Dec 5 11:57:01 EST 2005

I have four SUN 880s with eight processors and 16 GB.   These are running
Solaris 8 with Sendmail Switch 3 and Mimedefang 2.51.
One of the four seems to have a slightly higher load and gives these
errors.  I have not seen load average above 3.5.

Error from multiplexor: ERR Filter timed out - system may be overloaded
(consider increasing busy timeout)
Error from multiplexor: error: No free slaves
Milter (mimedefang): timeout before data read
Milter (mimedefang): write(Q) returned -1, expected 5: Broken pipe
Milter (mimedefang): to error state
Milter (mimedefang): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by

In the startup script I have

ulimit -n 1024


Please recommend config for these big servers.


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