[Mimedefang] config for big servers

Charles Mount cmount at csc.com
Mon Dec 5 13:50:11 EST 2005

That helps.   With four servers, I only have the problem with one, which
happens to be one of the outbound pair.   All the Exchange, Notes,
GroupWise servers and well behaved application servers (even virus infected
computers) send to the pair.   The spam bounces with domain names that lead
to DNS timeouts hit both servers equally.    The server with the problem
gets all the grandfather applications and poorly written, poorly supported
applications sending to it.   I think I have to live with that.   In other
words, this server has an extra overhead of 5-10 connections from poorly
behaved applications.  What I think I have to do is to increase the number
of slaves to cover.    If I increase MAX_SLAVES to 75 or 100 what other
resources need to be increased to cover it.

I was not aware that you now sold support contracts for Mimedefang.   If
you will send me that information outside this group, I will at least add
it to my budget request.

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Charles Mount wrote:

> I have four SUN 880s with eight processors and 16 GB.   These are running
> Solaris 8 with Sendmail Switch 3 and Mimedefang 2.51.
> One of the four seems to have a slightly higher load and gives these
> errors.  I have not seen load average above 3.5.

Without knowing why the filter is timing out, it's impossible to make
recommendations.  For example, if you have high DNS latencies, you can
run out of slaves on a machine with very low CPU utilization.

If you don't feel you can diagnose what's causing the timeouts, we
*do* sell MIMEDefang support contracts. :-)


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