[Mimedefang] Wiki: installing mimedefang and clamav

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Tue Dec 6 21:12:53 EST 2005

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> Hi,
> I just updated this page in the Wiki:
> "Instructions for configuring clamav with mimedefang"
> http://www.mimedefang.org/kwiki/index.cgi?ConfigureClamAV

Hey, I read your page just yesterday. <g>

Wanted to mention something we ran into here (Fedora 3 with
updates, clamav installed via yum and rpm's).

Everything worked well until we rebooted yesterday, and then
clam wouldn't start, which in turn caused MdF to hold off
incoming mail with temp fails.  Analysis indicated that clamav
couldn't write to its log files.  After investigating this
further, we determined that the user-id definition in
/etc/logrotate.d/clamd was listed as clamav instead of
defang. After changing the user id, and chowning the
files under /var/log/clamav, and restarting clamd and
and MdF things got better.  Since all this stuff was
working before ... it seemed to me that a recent update
(via yum) had brought in a logrotate definition for
clamav that we didn't have before.  Either that, or
one we had before got overwritten.  Didn't investigate.

I've never quite understood why clamd and MdF can't
run as separate users and still get along.  There'd be
fewer config. gotchas if clamav could run with its own

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