[Mimedefang] Re: config for big servers-- problem found

Nick nick.clark at simmons-simmons.com
Wed Dec 7 09:06:32 EST 2005

> > Just adding a call to srand() at the start of sub filter appears to
> > have fixed this -
> > 
>  Highly unlikely.  Look at the get_quarantine_dir subroutine.  No use of 
> or tempfile() in there at all.
Ahh - yes - no tempfile() in the stock code .. think thats unlikely to be the 
problem then. 

Looking back thru my notes, our problem came up when we added our own function 
to drop out certain attachment types into a separate directory structure  - 
we used tempfile in there. What we found was when we ported the code to a 
64bit enviroment we started having problems with not-so-random filenames ; 
strangely the code had run fine in the old 32bit world for 6 months, which is 
why its stuck in my mind.


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