[Mimedefang] Error message:Problem running virus scanner: code=2

ms at interspace.net ms at interspace.net
Thu Dec 8 05:44:36 EST 2005

> ms at interspace.net wrote:
>> Mathew,
>> Sorry for not answering your exact question...BUT
>> What should should sertainly do is upgrade mimedefang to latest 2.54 and SA
>> 3.0.3 and clamAV 0.87....
> Actually, SA 3.0.3 is still susceptable to a remote exploitable DoS
> attack, if anything upgrade to 3.0.4 (or the recent 3.0.5 release if you
> want to stick with the 3.0.x series or you can go to version 3.1.x)

bla ...this is what i ment...


> likewise, ClamAV 0.87 is also vulnerable to a remote exploit and 0.87.1
> is recommended.
> alan

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