[Mimedefang] defang startup errors

Greg McCarthy GMcCARTHY at metropolitan.co.za
Sun Dec 11 08:58:04 EST 2005

Thanks - that seemed to have done the trick. Now onto the next part ;)

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Greg McCarthy wrote:

> ./init-script: line 182: [: missing `]'
> [  OK  ]
> Starting mimedefang:
> ./rc.mimedefang: line 220: [: missing `]'
> [  OK  ]

There are annoying bugs in the 2.54 startup script; sorry!

Because of ancient and hairy UNIXy reasons, this snippet is not

	`[ -n "$SPOOLDIR"] && echo "-z $SPOOLDIR"` \

whereas this one is:

	`[ -n "$SPOOLDIR" ] && echo "-z $SPOOLDIR"` \

Spot the difference? :-)

Adding a space before the ] on lines 182 and 220 will make the
warning go away.


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