Even sillier disclaimers (was Re: [Mimedefang] defang startuperrors)

Todd Aiken todd.aiken at ubishops.ca
Mon Dec 12 09:53:50 EST 2005

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> Joseph Brennan wrote:
> > The essential thing that is absurd is the attempt to transfer the 
> > burden of confidentiality to the recipient.
> I've decided to change the footer that the mailing list 
> software adds to each e-mail.  See below.

But what if somebody puts in a disclaimer posting to this list, and puts
at the bottom of the text the following text?  (See example after my
signature.)  :-D

CU L8R...

Todd A. Aiken
Systems Analyst - Administrator
ITS Department
Lennoxville, Quebec, CANADA

HTML in email is like putting an air conditioner on a motorcycle.

Ignore the text that follows this disclaimer which says that all
disclaimers in the above text are NULL AND VOID and that they can be
ignored.  That disclaimer is false-the above is true.


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