Even sillier disclaimers (was Re:[Mimedefang] defang startuperrors)

Mack roaringpenguin.com at bass-speaker.com
Mon Dec 12 10:17:40 EST 2005

What's even funnier here, is .......... 

append_html_boilerplate_at_start($entity,"", 0);
append_html_boilerplate($entity,"", 0);

........ you wrote the software to make it nice and easy :)

Only J/k

What about changing the SMTP Greeting to say that by communicating with this server you accept it's terms and conditions and by communicating with it you accept that any other disclaimersr are null and voidified (is that a word?)

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Todd Aiken wrote:

> Ignore the text that follows this disclaimer which says that all
> disclaimers in the above text are NULL AND VOID and that they can be
> ignored.  That disclaimer is false-the above is true.

Well! :-) We have an arms race, then.  I'll change my disclaimer
to read "This disclaimer supersedes all other disclaimers, even if
the other disclaimers claim otherwise.  This is a NUCLEAR POWERED
disclaimer that will ATOMIZE all other disclaimers.  This disclaimer
is TOP DOG."

/me goes to write AI code to search out and remove disclaimers...

(But actually, there is a serious point, because I'm sure it's quite
frequent that in an e-mail exchange, duelling and incompatible
disclaimers get added as the message travels around...)


NOTE: If there is a disclaimer or other legal boilerplate in the above
message, it is NULL AND VOID.  You may ignore it.

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