Even sillier disclaimers (was Re:[Mimedefang] defang startuperrors)

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Mon Dec 12 11:25:32 EST 2005

Mack wrote:
> What about changing the SMTP Greeting to say that by communicating with this server you accept it's terms and conditions and by communicating with it you accept that any other disclaimersr are null and voidified (is that a word?)

Ooooo - I like that. What an interesting concept..

I can just hear it in court now..

Plaintiff Counsel: "Sir, I understand you received a private communication from 
our server and took the information and made a parody on your website?? Didn't 
you READ the disclaimer at the bottom of the message"?

Defendant: "Er, yes I did, but it was null and void"

Plaintiff Counsel: "What do you mean?"

Defendant: "It was 'voidified' by my server on receipt"

Plaintiff Counsel: "And just how is that possibly?"

Defendant: "Did YOU read the disclaimer upon connection to port 25 of my
server as part of the intro message header that says all communication
disclaimers are null a voidified?? (I love that word, I'm gonna use it now)"
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