[Mimedefang] Greylisting

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Wed Dec 14 22:50:02 EST 2005

Kenneth Porter wrote:

>> Our (commercial) implementation of greylisting notes when a host
>> makes it past the greylist hurdle.  Once that happens, we don't greylist
>> that host for 40 days.

> While I can see how that helps a large userbase, I don't see how it
> would help a small company server.

It helps a lot, because you quickly build up a list of servers for
companies you correspond with often, and for large domains like
hotmail.com and aol.com.

Suppose you correspond with 10 people at CompanyA.  Once *one* person
has passed the greylist test, all 10 of them can communicate with any
one of you without any greylisting delays.

> Perhaps a distributed greylist DB?
> Sort of like a DNSBL but with white-listing. MD could store the
> successful entries in a zone and we could publish our zones for others
> to use.

That's an excellent idea!  I might think about doing it...



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