[Mimedefang] disclamer only for out going mails.

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Fri Dec 16 15:51:18 EST 2005

Gary Funck <gary at intrepid.com> wrote:

> Personally, I think it would be good if a page/two were added to the Wiki
> that demonstrates a working implementation of how to add a boilerplate
> to outgoing mail.

It might take a lengthy page to describe what "outgoing" mail might
mean to different organizations.  Really, to sendmail, all mail comes
in and all mail goes out.

Anyone attempting this is going to need to think through precisely
which messages need the special treatment.

Gary's example focuses on mail coming from IP addresses owned by the
company.  This seems to exclude travelling employees using the company
smtp server, and to include visitors using the company's wire.  It
also seems to include company employees sending mail to each other.
Does that get the disclaimer?  (I don't know.)

I was going to suggest that what you need to do instead is concentrate
on where the mail is going.  If the recipient is not local, then you
need the disclaimer.  However milter sees only the envelope recipient
as given, not the resolved address.  Aliases, lists, and forwarding
could route apparently local recipients to other systems.

So maybe milter is the wrong place.  In sendmail, the mailer is where
you really know where a message is going.  So you could define a
mailer for all domains other than your own, and with it, send all
such mail to an outbound gateway host.  The gateway would just
disclaim everything it gets.

Simple, right?

Joe Brennan

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