[Mimedefang] disclamer only for out going mails.

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Fri Dec 16 22:42:26 EST 2005

BTW, the sendmail FAQ had this to say:


Q3.35 -- How do I add a footer/signature to all (outgoing) e-mail messages?
Date: October 9, 2000
Updated: August 1, 2001
Updated: May 16, 2002
Updated: February 22, 2003
This is quite complicated. At first sight it might be simple: just "cat"
some text (taken from a file or whatever) to the end of an e-mail message
passing through sendmail. However, there is a big problem: what about
structured e-mail messages, i.e., MIME messages? These can be arbitrarily
complex and just "cat"ting a footer to the end of the body can break the
MIME structure. (A MIME aware MUA will just not show such a footer, so it's
pretty useless in any case.) But signed messages (think: PGP) will break.
Another problem is the character set used by the mime part to which the
disclaimer is added needs to match the actual character set of the
disclaimer itself. Hence, there is no easy solution to this problem!

If you know enough about MIME and some C programming, then take a look at
sendmail 8.11 (or later) and libmilter/README. It now offers the
functionality to achieve this goal.

Some open source milters are capable of adding footers, e.g. MIMEDefang.

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