[Mimedefang] disclamer only for out going mails.

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Sat Dec 17 16:37:10 EST 2005

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> On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 11:46:35AM -0800, Gary Funck wrote:
> > filter_end().  You'll need to capture the Sender's IP address in
> > filter_sender().  As I understand things, filter_sender() can only
> > communicate with filter_end() via a file in the $CWD directory (or via
> > an external database, which is more complicated).
> Err, no! This is overly complicated.
> There should probably be a page on the wiki that says something like:
>     _ALL_ information available in filter_relay, filter_sender, and
>     filter_recipient is _also_ available in filter_begin, filter,
>     filter_multipart and filter_end through various global variables
>     (See GLOBAL VARIABLES SET BY MIMEDEFANG.PL in man mimedefang-filter).
> In this case, through $RelayAddr.

The documentation doesn't make this immediately clear:

              The host name of the relay.  This is the name of the host
              is attempting to send e-mail to your host.  May be  "undef"
              the host name could not be determined.  This variable is
              able in filter_relay, filter_sender and filter_recipient.

              The IP address of the sending relay (as a string consisting
              four  dot-separated  decimal  numbers.)   One  potential use
              $RelayAddr is to limit  mailing  to  certain  lists  to
              within  your  organization.  This variable is available in
              ter_relay, filter_sender and filter_recipient.

However, further up it says:

       The following global variables are set by mimedefang.pl and are
       able for use in your filter.  All of these variables are always
       able  to  filter_begin,  filter,  filter_multipart and filter_end.
       addition, some of them are available in filter_relay, filter_sender
       filter_recipient.  If this is the case, it will be noted below.

So ... it seems to be accurate enough, but if one turns to just the
variable description itself ... it seems to be more specific, and perhaps
overriding the general statement.  Not sure how to fix that.

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