[Mimedefang] prepend new headers?

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue Dec 20 14:07:11 EST 2005

Hi, Matthew.

> I suppose, then, I'll need a new RESULTS command.


> Does the X-Scanned-By header need to go at the bottom?  That doesn't
> get processed by the RESULTS command.

I don't really care; I guess we can leave the X-Scanned-By: header alone.
People who absolutely want it inserted at the top can suppress it with
the -X option and then add it in using some Perl code.

> If so, I'll use "N" for "N"ew header

Sounds great!  A lot of the code for action_insert_header will be the
same as for action_add_header, so there's opportunity for refactoring there.
If you want to make a first-pass at it, I will take a look and clean
it up if necessary.

One annoying issue is that I can't see a way to feed back to the Perl code
whether or not action_insert_header is even available.  We have no way
from Perl to query the milter capabilities or milter version. :-(



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