[Mimedefang] Mimedefang and clamd configuration problems

Matthew.van.Eerde at hbinc.com Matthew.van.Eerde at hbinc.com
Fri Dec 23 14:58:19 EST 2005

jmorin wrote:
> Also, I've tried using
> clamav-milter and
> mimedefang
> in sendmail and sendmail would ONLY use clamd and NOT mimedefang. 
> Perhaps 
> I mis-configured the sendmail.mc file ??

Very likely.  The instructions aren't particularly clear.

Here's the relevant lines from my sendmail.mc:

dnl Milters - put in desired calling order
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`clamav', `S=local:/var/run/clamav/milter.sock, F=T, T=S:4m;R:
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`mimedefang', `S=local:/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock,
F=T, T=S:4m;R:4m;E:15m')dnl

Note that I do NOT have a line like
define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `clamav')dnl
because that would tell sendmail only to use the clamav mail filter.

The correct line would be:
define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `clamav,mimedefang')dnl

but that's the default anyway when using INPUT_MAIL_FILTER (all filters in the order they're defined) so I don't bother to put it in.

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