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Albert Croft acroft at cyber-wizard.com
Wed Mar 7 14:28:44 EST 2007

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>   4. Re: Cloning/Splitting Mail at SMTP level (Les Mikesell)
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>From: Les Mikesell <les at futuresource.com>
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>David F. Skoll wrote:
>>> Jeremy Phillips wrote:
>>>>>    After a couple hours of searching on the Internet I've come up with
>>>>> this mailing list, and was wondering if anyone has used MIMEDefang in an
>>>>> application similar to this situation?  Can MIMEDefang do these
>>>>> processes at the SMTP level so mail that comes in get's scanned by our
>>>>> spam appliance, and also send to another external account for analysis?
>>> Sure.  Pseudocode in filter_end:
>>> foreach my $recip (@Recipients) {
>>> 	add_recipient(localpart($recip) . '@test.example.com');
>>> }
>>> You then configure a box to accept mail for "test.example.com"
>Is anyone doing something like this to have archive/backup copies or 
>comply with email retention regulations?  In that case you'd have to 
>treat local and remote recipients differently.
> -- Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com

I had a customer a little over a year and a half ago who had the 
requirement that supervisors get copies of emails received by their 
first-level subordinates (example illustrated below). I installed 
mime-defang, modified a mimedefang-filter to stream_by_domain, disabled 
the filtering normally done (which was being done on other servers 
instead), created a couple of database tables, and edited filter_end() 
to look at the addresses present, look up to whom copies should be 
forwarded, then executed appropriate add_recipient() commands as needed. 
The code only looked at those addresses in @Recipients that matched a 
pattern I had for their domain name, and all the management of who to 
forward from/to is taken care of in database tables (which could (at 
some point) have a nice front-end wrapped around it (a year later, and 
that's still on my list-php*admin works, though)).

    Joe is Bob's supervisor
    Bob is Steve's supervisor
    Expected behavior:
       If email to Bob, Joe should receive a copy
       If email to Steve, Bob should receive a copy, Joe should not 
receive a copy

(My code for this was a bit ugly, but it has worked so far. If you're 
interested, contact me off-list.)

-Albert C.

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