[Mimedefang] Filter configuration help required

Jan-Pieter Cornet johnpc at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 15 04:10:00 EST 2007

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 07:40:11AM +0000, Rob MacGregor wrote:
> I'm looking for advice/examples on how to change MD's configuration so
> that if only one of my AV scanners fails (as in, doesn't work), but
> the other works, the message isn't tempfailed.
> The reason?  We'll I've just moved from clamav 0.90 to 0.90.1 and I'm
> finding it silently crashing at random intervals.  I don't want mail
> delayed while I try and find the cause.

I've been doing that for over a year now. Here's the code:

This is a bit of configuration we have in a separate file
(but just make sure the variables get set, somewhere)

@scanners = (
        {"Virus:SOPHIE"      => 'sophie'},
        {"Virus:FPROTD"      => 'fprotd'},
        {"Virus:CLAMD"       => 'clamd'},
$viruses_that_dont_fake_sender_re =
    qr{ ^( Joke              # jokes and hoaxes
         | OF97              # Sophos' office/wordmacro virus naming
         | WM97
         | [WXO](97|2000)M   # ClamAV word/excel/office 97/2000 macro
      | (\b|_)eicar(\b|_)    # "eicar" test virus, anywhere, even in _ chars

... and here's the part from filter_begin:

    my @VirusNames;
    my $Suspicious = 0;
    foreach my $scan (@scanners) {
        my ($key,$val) = %{$scan};
        if ($Features{$key}) {
            my $scanner = "message_contains_virus_$val";

            no strict 'refs';
            my $t0 = [gettimeofday]
                if ($virus_timer);
            undef $VirusName;
            my($code, $category, $action) = &$scanner();
            md_syslog('debug', "$MsgID: $key took " .
                        tv_interval ($t0) . " seconds");

            if ($action eq "tempfail") {
                md_syslog('warning', "$MsgID: Problem running virus scanner " .
                    "$key: code=$code, category=$category, action=$action");
            elsif ($category eq "virus") {
                if ( ! $VirusName ) {
                    ### no virus name? Likely an f-prot bug... just flag as
                    ### suspicious
                    md_graphdefang_log($val, "suspicious - no virus name",
                    next SCANNER;

                push @VirusNames, $VirusName;

		md_graphdefang_log($val, $VirusName, $RelayAddr);
            else {

    if ( !$ScanOK && !$FoundVirus) {
        action_tempfail("No virus scanners found");

    if ($FoundVirus) {
        ### @VirusNames might be empty if no scanner set $VirusName itself.
        @VirusNames = ("unknown") if !@VirusNames;
        my $longvirusname = join('|', @VirusNames);
        md_graphdefang_log('virus', $longvirusname, $RelayAddr);

	if ( grep { /$viruses_that_dont_fake_sender_re/ } @VirusNames ) {
	    ### it's a virus that does not fake its sender
	    return action_bounce ("Virus $longvirusname found",
		    "554", "5.7.1");
	elsif ( ($FoundVirus+$Suspicious) == 1 and ($ScanOK+$tempfail) > 0 )
	    ### only one virusscanner picked it up - tempfail it
	    return action_tempfail(
		"Possibly infected with virus $longvirusname",
		"451", "4.7.1");
        else {
	    ### multiple virus scanners saw it as a virus - discard
	    return action_discard ();
    else {
        md_graphdefang_log('clean', $RelayAddr);


There's a few quirks in that code, but you can of course remove those.
First, F-prot needs a workaround because it has false-positive problems.

The code at the bottom (after the if ($FoundVirus)...) is such that a virus
is only discarded if two or more scanners detect the virus. Otherwise,
we tempfail. Unless it is a virus which is known NOT to fake headers,
in which case we reject it.

Jan-Pieter Cornet <johnpc at xs4all.nl>
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