[Mimedefang] Truncated connections causing multiple resends onincoming mail

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Fri May 4 13:01:52 EDT 2007

John Nemeth wrote:

>      So, you have a machine that costs $600 three years ago.  That
> means that it is cheap consumer crap.

Yes, but in many cases that's good enough.  You can buy four of them
if you like and have three as warm standby machines, and still pay less
than "enterprise" prices.


>      BTW, given the history of bugs, especially security bugs, in the
> Linux world, any Linux server that has been up for three years really
> scares me.  That tells me that the OS hasn't been patched in way too
> long a time.

Actually, except for the kernel, it's quite up-to-date.  All the
important software is installed from upstream sources; I long ago
gave up on RPM for that.  (When we finally do get around to building
a new, up-to-date machine, it'll probably be Debian, which is a lot
easier to keep up-to-date than RH, I think.)



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