[Mimedefang] SA 3.2.0 and tmp files

Frank Doepper mimedefang at taz.de
Mon May 7 08:27:37 EDT 2007

Am 04.05.2007 19:18 schrieb Kelson:
> Jason Bertoch [Electronet] wrote:
>> To the point...since upgrading to 3.2.0, I'm seeing non-text temp
>> files being
>> left behind by SA.  They aren't left for every message; most are
>> created and
>> destroyed as expected.  Unfortunately, the data contained within does not
>> contain any information I can tie to a specific message type or case. 
>> Other
>> than filling up my /tmp space, I see no mail flow problems.  Is anyone
>> else
>> seeing these temp files left behind?
> Hmm, no signs of that problem here, and we upgraded on Wednesday.
> Not sure if it matters, but our MD initscript sets TMPDIR to point to
> our spool directory, which is on tmpfs.  I've checked both the spooldir
> and /tmp just to be sure.
> MD 2.62, SA 3.20, Sendmail 8.13.8 on Mandriva 2007.

The problem is even worse at our site, we have mimedefang-multiplexor
running with "-l" and get

Slave 5 stderr: seek() on closed filehandle $tmpfile at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Message/Node.pm line 305.

when there is a little bit load on the box. Is it because SA is not
thread-safe? How to solve this?

mimedefang-2.52, SA 3.2.0, sendmail-8.13.6 running.

The behaviour started with upgrade from SA-3.1.7 to SA-3.2.0.


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