[Mimedefang] RBL and DNS lookups

Jonas Eckerman jonas_lists at frukt.org
Fri May 11 09:19:47 EDT 2007

Daniel Aquino wrote:

> Well none the less if your server already runs a local dns cache for
> regular dns queries.... Then you need a "separate" dns daemon that is
> specially configured for dnbl queries...  Am I correct?

No. I don't need that.

Our mail server has *one* locally installed caching DNS proxy. 
That *system* is configured to use that one proxy, so it uses the 
same proxy for DNSBLs and all other DNS queries.

The caching proxy forwards queries to our three normal name servers.

Wether *you* need a different setup is something I don't know.

Jonas Eckerman, FSDB & Fruktträdet

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