[Mimedefang] Lessons learned...

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Sat May 19 13:58:03 EDT 2007

So I wake up this morning... and my check my mail...

I'm tired, so I go back laying down for a bit.

When I get back up and shower and all - I go back and check my email again...

Now my server is slow.. and I have a lot of bounces in my emailbox that 
have strangely familiar subject and from addresses...

Turns out, a web script I wrote OH so long ago was being utilized for sending

OK - shut down sendmail, kill the queue... take a look.

yea yea, I could add in something to make this problem go away.

It's funny how we write stuff in a day and age where we think have enough
"abuse" checks... but then someone figures out a way to use the
script in a fashion we proviously never thought.

So it's fixed. The spammer thinks he's still sending spam, but actually,
I'm logging all the places he's trying to SPAM along with the message content.

Hmmm... pipe it into SPAM? It's a full email file! hahaha..

But seriously, how sad that someone actually went LOOKING for this script on my 
system (which was kind of buried away) and took the time to 
figure out how to gain advantage of it. (and then sic his army of compromised
Windows PC's on it - Thanks Bill - you [explicative deleted])

Losers - get a life.

Anyway - if anyone else would like the information I'm saving away... just let me know.


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