[Mimedefang] MimeDefang Framework

Daniel Aquino mr.danielaquino at gmail.com
Fri May 25 14:46:27 EDT 2007

On 5/25/07, Dave O'Neill <dmo at roaringpenguin.com> wrote:
> Thought, yes.  Our CanIt application has an OO-style API that sits above
> MIMEDefang, and at some point, we'd like to push some of this down to
> MIMEDefang.

Please do!!!!

> Things like a message object instead of a pile of global
> variables

Sounds good...

> and the ability to unit test individual components are part of this.

This was part of my request... I'm sitting here being forced to reload
and test manually...

First of all you need unit testing for making sure production
environments don't break...

Second for developing its much easier to have a nice unit framework to
simulate various "real" situations...

The current brute method of reloading everything and sending emails
through sendmail and all is very cumbersome....

Not to mention the fact that if I want to test a sub like
mx_check_against_smtp_server I don't really have any means to load up
mimedefang.pl environment and test away...

A nice console such as the rails-console would be a cool tool... I
spoke with someone in irc.freenode.net#perl and they were speaking of
submitting  Devel::REPL soon to cpan which basically is a perl console
for playing with code... All you would have to do is load the
environment into it and you'd have a mimdefang playground at your
finger tips :]

Also we need environments if you ask me... I mean if I want to edit
files and have them reload in real time so I don't have to constantly
reinitialize the filter... I want a DEVELOPMENT environment where my
external code files get reloaded on every call...

If you think about it I should be alloud to add to the list of
load_and_detect_modules and I should have a nice structure to my
mimedefang project.  I'm not really a fan of one giant
mimedefang-filter file ... I would like to have a nice directory
structure where I can place libraries of mine or models or controllers
etc... perhaps some config files..

Just some ideas...

> When it will actually happen depends on available time, though.

Cool you guys are seeing eye to eye with me...

I'm scared to start editing the mimedefang.pl because then later
updates will be murder to integrate...

On top of that I haven't played with Perl in a long time and I feel
I'd be stranded on my own if I took this path...

> The first step along this path will be the cleanup of the virus scanning
> code, as mentioned in an earlier thread.  Virus scanner integration is a
> very large chunk of mimedefang.pl, with a lot of duplicate code.  If
> you've got comments along those lines, please add them.

Well from a user point of view perhaps a nice YAML configuration
script which allows me to pick which virus tools I want to use.

Then your framework loads the according files with the supported functions.

> The operative word for those web frameworks is "big".  Really big.
> "Install 50% of CPAN to make your appliation run" big.  That's probably
> not where we want MIMEDefang to go.

Sorry that is not what I was implying at all...
Of course were gonna be piggy backing CPAN for various things...
But what I meant was the structure and order to these mature web frameworks..
Such as the things I spoke of above...

Get back to me!

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